The scale model of Tomsk interuniversity campus arrow
The Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and the Senior Officials of Tomsk Oblast were presented the scale model of AMADEO Studio
The project of the interuniversity campus is:
- 16 square km which were made from 4 parts in our studio and put them together in Tomsk
- one and a half meter highly-technological complex buildings with backlit
- extremely urgency – there was only 3 weeks for making the scale model
- online control of transportation from St. Petersburg to Tomsk Oblast

This project is not only a scale model but also two show reels for 1,5 and 3 minutes with the use of game engine.
St. Petersburg:
+7 (916) 410-29-29
Studio agent of AMADEO Moscow
34 Makarov Seafront
St. Petersburg