An interactive scale model of the housing estate “Eniteo” arrow
For all intents and purposes, a brilliant scale model was made for the developer company Tekta Group. The height of the towers is more than 1.5 meters! So, the scale model is one of the highest ones that AMADEO studio has ever done for developers.
A video billboard at the entrance to the complex shows an animated advertisement of the developer. The headlights of the cars around buildings have backlit.
There is a spectacular mirror facade glazing. Inside the windows one can see the silhouettes of people and interior.
Besides the visual component, the scale model fulfills multimedia functions: smart apartment lighting, synchronization with the developer's sales website with the information output on a large monitor, and an interactive 22-inch stand with a touch panel. The stone stand was made according to an exclusive project and equipped with contour backlit.
Moscow and installed by our specialists in the sales department of the developer. Check the interface: (login: test, password: done)
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