The interactive installation for the museum of Kulikovo Field arrow
AMADEO Studio won the competition in making a detailed scale model of the Battle of Kulikovo which became the central exhibit of a new exhibition and pivot of the whole complex. One can see a chronicle of the events of 7th and 8th September 1380 – from the crossing of Don River to the fierce fighting.
More than 4,000 figures – mounted and foot soldiers, horses, camels – were authentically made and placed on a reduced copy of Kulikovo Field. Here one can see the Russian wagon trains, standards and tents of the Horde and Russian armies, and even dugouts in Don and Nepryadva rivers. In addition, there are the Horde heavy and light cavalry, Russian infantry and light cavalry, and heavily armed soldiers as well protected by plate body armor of prince's armed force in the 1:72 scale.
Thank to our painstaking work, a big scale model of the Battle of Kulikovo won the international competition holding by the International Committee for Audiovisual, New Technologies and Social Media AVICOM.
Besides, The interactive installation allowed the museum of Kulikovo Field to be nominated for a prestigious award – European Museum of the Year. In April 2020 the representatives of the museum were to go to Cardiff, the Great Britain, to forum of EMYA “Museum innovation and cultural democracy”. Nominees were to present their projects there but pandemic of COVID-19 upset the plans.
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